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You'll learn:

  • Why our minds are disconnected from our bodies and how this effects our physical health
  • How mindset plays a role in reversing pain and physical dysfunction
  • What you can do to start feeling better, NOW


Our bodies were designed to MOVE. But due to technological advancements and sedentary lifestyle becoming more common, we are not moving our bodies and our posture is becoming poor.

Many of us are living in our heads, causing us to be completely disconnected from our bodies. This lack of body awareness leads to more injuries, malalignments, poor posture, and degrading bodies.

At Alkaline Wellness, we believe Movement is Medicine. First you need to change your mind about your physical condition. If you believe you can enhance your physical health, then YOU CAN. Once this mindset is in place, learn to connect your mind to your body in order to gain strength, flexibility, mobility, and stability and be able to maintain your functionally for years to come.

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