Welcome to our signature Yoga refinement incubator which levels up the profession of Yoga with the pride, knowledge, tools, and tactics that practitioners need to keep their own practice safe, therapeutically intervene to keep others safe, and create a successful business doing so.
A Yoga refinement program where you'll learn in-depth anatomy training, Yoga therapeutics, precise teaching skills, and the tools and tactics to create a thriving business so you can command top dollars for being a Yoga practitioner who HEALS.

This program is for you if you are:

  • An avid Yogi who longs to create a lucrative business doing what you love, but you're unsure exactly HOW to produce an income for yourself
  • A trained Yoga teacher, but you know in your heart of hearts that you lack the in-depth knowledge to help your clients to the level that they need, and you wish you had the tools to drastically transform their practice
  • You love Yoga but feel insecure in your personal practice due to injury or disease, but you want a safe way to practice so you can achieve self healing, and possibly help others just like you
  • ​You've been wanting to become a Yoga teacher and have been holding out for a program that checks all the boxes for you, including the practice of Yoga, therapeutic tools to become a top notch teacher, and business tactics that will help you create a brand for yourself and a lucrative income



Customized Training + Modifications

  • Live trainings with Dr. Connie addressing your needs for optimal alignment and healing

Access to Membership Portal 24/7

  • Online training modules 
  • Video lessons, downloads, and worksheets
  • ​Lifetime access

Three 5-Day Alkaline Immersion Retreats

  • In person training with our Alkaline Method™ Team
  • ​Mind-body mastery experience
  • Network and connect with other Alkaline Method™ trainees


  • Bimonthly video calls with your accountability coach
  • Stay on track with your certification and your goals
  • ​Get clarity on your personal teaching + business goals

Supportive and Knowledgeable Facebook Community

  • Live training sessions with Dr. Connie and our Alkaline Method™ Team
  • ​Real time, interactive lessons based on your needs
  • Support, accountability, and connection with other Alkaline Method™ trainees

Alkaline Method™ Blueprint to Transform Your Body and Mind

  • Detailed sequences and scripts to help you find your own teaching voice
  • Discover your core values and learn to incorporate these in your teaching
  • Become rooted in the principles to be able to utilize the tactics of Yoga
Don't be a statistic when it comes to increasing liability costs for Yoga teachers. Be a responsible teacher who does the in depth work to become the best and serve the needs of their students.


  • A hands-on, precision based approach that transforms and heals your body for life
  • ​Principled practice based on the fundamentals of anatomy and alignment vs Yoga dogmas
  • ​Filling the gap in the Yoga industry to provide a safe and healing practice that the market is craving
  • ​Providing the teaching + business tools to help clients heal, and become financially successful doing so
  • ​Rock solid support system that sets you up for success in your personal practice, teaching ability, healing ability, and most importantly, your ability to produce a lucrative income helping your clients heal
What + How You'll Learn


  • Yoga History
  • Basic Anatomy + Applied Anatomy
  • Alignment
  • ​The Practice
  • ​Success Mindset
  • ​Nutrition
  • ​Teaching Skills
  • ​Yoga Therapeutics
  • ​Business of Yoga


Months 1-4: 
  • Basic Anatomy + Applied Anatomy
  • Alignment
  • ​The Practice
1st 5 Day Immersion
  • Anatomy + Alignment Training with Dr. Connie and Alkaline Method™ Team
  • Practice teaching + cueing
Months 5-8: 
  • Yoga History
  • Teaching Skills
  • ​Yoga Therapeutics
  • ​Nutrition
2nd 5 Day Immersion
  • Final Exam + Practicum
  • Receive your RYT 200 Hr Certification
Months 9-12: 
  • Business of Yoga
  • Success Mindset
  • ​Refinement of Teaching Skills
3rd 5 Day Immersion
  • Refining therapeutic skills of Yoga
  • ​Business Training with Dr. Connie and Alkaline Method™ Team
  • Creating a brand for yourself - social media pages and Facebook ads for your business + more
You must experience inner healing in your body first and foremost. Only then are you able to guide your students on their Self Healing Journeys.
"When I decided to look for a place to complete my yoga teacher training, I wanted to find a program that would train to help people. I had gone through a previous group exercise instructor course, and only learned how to teach pre-scripted classes to pre-chosen music that gave me no freedom to help my students with their physical ailments or improve their yoga practice. It was very important to me that I could give educated answers to students who wanted to know how to heal their back pain, or recover from a knee injury, or how to properly do downward facing dog after tearing their rotator cuff. 

Alkaline was the only place I could find in the area that involved training by well-educated teachers and a physical therapist. When I took a few classes at Alkaline and saw how well the teachers knew the human body and actually helped their students (me included), I was sold. I've gained lots of training and knowledge to help my students and clients grow stronger and move their bodies safely. And my own personal practice and physical fitness have improved tremendously. I'm so thankful for the training and education I got with Alkaline Method™ YTT. "

-Cait P.
"I learned a lot about myself during this Yoga Teacher Training, and I learned how to provide a restorative experience for myself as well as my students.  I am so thankful that I now get to teach others this powerful practice that can alter the lives of so many.  It's empowered me in ways I can't express."

-Michele T.



$500/month for 12 months

  • Lifetime Access to Membership Portal with constant updates, so you can continue learning with updated information long after your training is complete
  • ​Weekly Live Training Sessions with Dr. Connie to supplement every module lesson
  • Private Facebook forum where every question is answered by Dr. Connie + Team Alkaline, along with insight from your fellow trainees
  • Your Own Accountability Coach to keep you on track, focused, and motivated in between weekly live training sessions
  • Three 5 Day Immersion Retreats to work in person with Dr. Connie + Team Alkaline so you can hone your anatomy knowledge, teaching skills, and business tactics
  • Detailed Pose Tutorials incorporating the principles of the Alkaline Method™ 
  • Therapeutics of Yoga to learn the art of physical adjustments
  • Fundamental Training on the Business of Yoga for both brick and mortar business as well as online business
*Required reading not included*

You can also pay in full and receive a $200 discount


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Dr. Connie is known to be a miraculous healer as a Physical Therapist. She's been practicing Yoga for over 25 years and found Yoga to be a transformative healing tool to nurse herself back to health - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually - after being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition.

She's a highly sought after practitioner in the field of autoimmunity and has been in clinical practice for over 20 years. 

Her love for Yoga allowed her to create her very own Alkaline Method™ Yoga practice that provides a comprehensive framework for Yoga Practitioners to use as a blueprint to apply in their practice and teaching.

Dr. Connie believes healing is an inside job and as such, she believes everyone should empower themselves to create an inner healthcare system as a foundation for living their healthiest lives.
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