It’s assumed that Yoga is a healing practice. However, there is a “wrong” way to practice. 

Without understanding the fundamentals of core activation, posture, alignment, and breath, you could be creating injury and inflammation in your body.

Learn how to enhance your Yoga practice so you can look and feel your best.

July 27-31 @ 12 PM EST

Yoga Mastery Workshop Sessions

Session 1:
Core Activation for Optimal Stability
Your core provides the foundation for safe movement. Without proper core activation you'll risk injury. In this session, you'll learn how to properly activate your core.

Monday 7/27 @ 12 pm EST
Session 2:
Refine Your Posture and Alignment
Most Yogis lack body awareness. As a result, faulty body mechanics can cause unnecessary strain and sprain that may lead to injury. Learn how to optimize your body mechanics.

Tuesday 7/28 @ 12 pm EST
Session 3:
Using Breath to Bridge the Body and Mind
Mind-body mastery is the ultimate goal for Yoga practitioners. Learn how you can use breath to control your nervous system for health and longevity.

Wednesday 7/29 @ 12 pm EST
Session 4:
Yoga as Functional Medicine
Yoga is a powerful healing tool for your body and mind. Learn the techniques to unleash the power of Yoga in healing your body, mind, and soul.

Thursday 7/30 @ 12 pm EST
Session 5:
Gain Clarity on Your Personal Mission
The Yoga industry desperately needs well educated practitioners who can serve those who are looking to heal on the mat. Set yourself apart and fill the gap in the industry.

Friday 7/31 @ 12 pm EST

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