Statistics reveal there's an increasing number of injuries in Yoga classes.

Set yourself apart by learning the importance of anatomy, posture, and alignment to have a breakthrough in your Yoga practice.

Join us for this FREE three part training on Yoga anatomy, posture, and alignment, as well as Alkaline Methodology to pull it all together.
Yoga can be the ultimate path to HEALING

Hi, I'm Dr. Connie.  

I've been practicing Yoga for over 25 years. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy in practice for over 2 decades, I've seen an increasing number of injuries from Yoga practices.

My personal Yoga Teacher Training experience lacked significant anatomical knowledge, which caused me to feel a deep sense of responsibility to bring essential knowledge of anatomy and physiology to the growing field of Yoga.

Too many Yoga teachers lack in depth knowledge of the human body, yet they are giving guidance to injured populations, creating more injuries.

My goal is to help as many Yogis as possible find foundational mastery of their bodies and minds to enjoy the limitless potential of this ancient practice.

"Mind body connection is essential for a safe practice." -Dr. Connie

In This FREE Training, You'll Learn To...

Recognize the Importance of Anatomy
Learn why understanding the fundamental workings of the human body is critical for safe practice.
Enhance Posture, Alignment, and Core Activation
Learn to get powerfully connected to your muscles to keep your body strong, flexible, and pain free.
Apply the Alkaline Method™
The Alkaline Method™ provides a comprehensive, systematic blueprint that when applied, allows you to experience a breakthrough in your practice.
Excellence is a State of Mind
There are so many Yoga practitioners and teachers who lack the foundational understanding of anatomy and physiology to keep themselves or their students safe.

We need to raise the bar in the practice of Yoga and bring credibility and respect by incorporating in depth training on the essentials of human anatomy and physiology to powerfully help those who seek Yoga, and to protect and enhance our own health as well.
"I got so much in depth anatomy training and I am confident in my ability "teach" proper muscle activation with my clients.  More importantly, I feel the difference in my own body!"
Yoga Graduate

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